Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises in liberated Lachin continue

Azerbaijani-Turkish joint military-tactical exercises with live firing, based on the agreement on military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, in the Lachin district, previously liberated from Armenian occupation [as a result of the 2020 second Karabakh war], continue. At the new stage of the exercises, the special-purpose groups completed the tasks

Transformation of Georgian Youth on the European Model – A New Project of a German NGO

Less than a day has passed since the inglorious end of the Tbilisi Pride week in the Georgian capital. And Europe has already initiated a new program to promote unconventional values alien to Georgian civilians. In particular, the German The Max Planck Foundation launched a project under the sonorous title

President Aliyev Says Azerbaijan Does Not Have Territorial Claims Against Armenia

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said last week although the Zangazur region and the city of Iravan, the capital of modern-day Armenia, are historical lands of Azerbaijan, Baku does not make claims to these territories. The president explained that both Zangazur and Iravan were inhabited by indigenous Azerbaijanis before they were