Azerbaijan protests at Human Rights Watch report

Azerbaijan’s Committee against Torture has protested against the Human Rights Watch’s claims alleging that Azerbaijan does not treat POWs in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, news sources have reported. “We regret to state that the latest report of this organization, which refers to the cruel treatment of Armenian prisoners of

Azerbaijani youth stage protest rally before Armenian embassy in Georgia

A group of young Azerbaijanis is staging a “silent” protest before the Armenian embassy in Georgia, Tbilisi.The rally protested the recent attempts and provocations by Armenia against Azerbaijan in the direction of the Tovuz region. The youth wearing t-shirts with the slogans in English, “End to Armenian terror!”, “End to

Azerbaijan’s Innovation Center talks on activities to support local startup ecosystem

The Innovation Center of Azerbaijan, together with other organizations, is conducting various events to support them in bringing the number of countrywide start-up projects to 500. According to the source, the center annually holds more than 10 hackathons (forums for developers, during which specialists from different areas of software development