Azerbaijan will repatriate 250 more of its citizens stranded in neighboring Georgia due to COVID-19 on January 15, Azerbaijan Embassy in Georgia reported on its official Facebook page.

All citizens will pass the coronavirus test in one of Georgia’s clinics and those testing negative will be taken to the border checkpoint “Sınıq körpü by special buses from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Georgia, to return back to the country on January 15.

It should be noted that repatriated citizens will not be placed under quarantine in Azerbaijan. However all citizens undertake obligations for self-isolation for two weeks upon arrival.

The Georgia-Azerbaijan border has been closed since March, and air communication between the two countries has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

So far, Azerbaijan has repatriated more than 2,000 citizens from Georgia.

Azerbaijan first introduced special quarantine regime on March 24 and closed its borders with all neighbouring countries.

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